BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                          

   New Board of Directors of The CEPEP Company Limited received their instruments of appointment

   from The Honourable Brigadier General (Ret’d) Ancil Antoine, Minister of Public Utilities during a media 

   conference held on Friday January 8th 2016 at the Ministry of Public Utilities in St. Clair, Port of Spain

   From L to R:

   Director Farah Mohammed, Director Chinua Alleyne, Chairman Trevor Lynch, Minister of Public Utilities 
   The Honourable Brigadier General (Ret’d) Ancil Antoine, Director Susan Hong, Director Solange Henry. 



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210,000 bags of garbage collected in marine spaces along the west coast since 2012.
Find out what CEPEP has been doing to help preserve wetland habitats like the Caroni Swamp.
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